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Daily information will appear here following the progress of our year 6 children on their educational visit to France 25th to 29th April 2016.

Monday 25th
39 pupils and 4 staff members set sail for a week of adventure and friendship. News updates will appear here when we have them.
1.00 pm (French time). All the travelling party have reached dry land with only one of the children suffering from a little 'mal de mer'. After depositing cases on the coach they walked in to the old town of St Malo for a picnic lunch on the ramparts. Following a further walk around the walls they rejoined the coach to go to Mont St Michel. Some rain as they are travelling but they hope it will cease so they can enjoy the historic town.
11.30 pm (Ft). Unfortunately, the rain continued on and off for the rest of the afternoon. However this did not spoil the visit to Mont St Michel. The school did however wonder why they were given such a welcome until the coach driver pointed out there was also an official visit from the French Prime Minister going on at the same time!
The children enjoyed their first opportunity to spend a bit of money before returning to the coach. After another short journey the party reached the base at about 6.20 pm. After familiarisation with the base it was evening meal time followed by an activity, hot chocolate and bed. Hopefully, the last staff patrol of the evening will settle everyone down for a good night's sleep.

Tuesday 26th
3.45 pm(FT). Report from Chateau Du Tertre. After a good breakfast of croissants, yoghurt, cereal, hot chocolate, etc, the children commenced group activities on the base.Me Mills' and Mrs Speight's groups starting with canoeing and the other groups with land based activities such as trapeze line and challenge course. The children loved being on the water although it was physically challenging for them. Ask them about the water games on their return! The weather was kind until late morning when there was a heavy hail storm. However, this did not deter the intrepid travellers who freshened up with a hot shower before a picnic lunch and afternoon activities.
In between activities they have been able to celebrate Fatima's bithday, one I am sure she will remember for a very long time.
11.45 pm Update from the base. Afternoon activites slightly curtailed due to continuing hail storms. However, the groups had use of the large sports hall at the Chateau so where able to continue with team games. After an early supper of a choice of sausages, pasta bake or salad the party walked into the local village. Here they visited the creperie (see picture) and were able to purchase something to eat and a drink. Fortunately it turned into a bright and dry evening so everyone enjoyed themselves. Hopefully, everyone is now asleep as there is an early start (7.00 am breakfast) in order to get to visit Arromanche tomorrow.
Creperie at Ambrieres

Wednesday 27th
3.45 pm (Ft). Everyone made the early breakfast and the coach departed at 8.15 am for Arromanches.
360_Cinema.jpgFirst stop was the 360 degree Cinema where the children saw the story of the D-day Landings. Then a short walk down the hill to the town to see the remains of the Mulberry Harbour.Arromanche.jpg
As the weather remained dry a picnic lunch was taken on the promenade before a bit of free time to buy gifts and icecream.
It was then back to the coach for a trip to the war cemetry at Colleville.
Coalville.jpgFrom reports the children really appreciated a visit to part of France they had been studying as part of their World War 2 topic. At the time of writing the party is back on the coach and heading back to the base.
Once back at base the children had a tasty supper after which the evening activity was a camp fire. Once again the children enjoyed the day and finished it off with the usual hot chocolate drink before bedtime.

Thursday 28th. Market Day. At the time of speaking to the group they had just arrived at Evron for market day. The children were about to set out to practice their French and look for a bargain. The challenge today was to buy the ingredients to take back to the base to prepare their own lunch! Hopefully no-one will go hungry!. They weather has been bright so far today. The children have really enjoyed themselves and are no doubt looking forwards to their final night at the base.
Midnight (Ft). Final report from France, everyone settled down for the night after a very busy day. The Preparez a manger task showed a lot of imagination with all goups preparing  interesting plates of food. The afternoon saw final activities on the base before the evening meal. The final activity was the grand disco with all the schools resident at the Chateau coming together for a lively evening. Just the final packing to be done in the morning followed by breakfast at 8.00 am and a mid morning departure for St Malo and the final shop before returning home.

Friday 29th. 39 pupils and 4 members of staff safely home! We are sure this has been a trip that will be remembered for a very long time. Many thanks to Mr Mills, Mrs Speight, Miss Wilson and Mrs Haworth for all your hard work during the week.